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About Us


The Loteria Dominicana Online, LOTEDO, is a company founded to facilitate the sales of Dominican Lottery via the internet to Dominicans and all other nationalities throughout the world.


LOTEDO provides people living abroad the ability to participate in the traditional Loteria game offered by the Loteria Nacional Dominicana. Until now a system did not exist that provided the security and transparency to allow gaming via the internet from all parts of the world. LOTEDO maintains offices in Santiago, Dominican Republic and has been in the Lottery business for over 20 years through its affiliate traditional outlets throughout Dominican Republic.


Loteria Dominicana Online, LOTEDO, is regulated and licensed by the Loteria Nacional de la Republica Dominicana (LNRD), which is the official lottery of the Dominican Republic and has been in existence for more than 50 years acting as a regulatory, officiating and managing body of the Dominican Lottery.


Lotedo, as a licensed operating entity does not have any influence or determining factors with regards to the drawings. LNRD has daily drawings which can be observed daily on the state television channel, radio and the results can also be obtained by the daily newspapers of the Dominican Republic. In other words, we have no participation in the execution and realization of the drawings, as observers of this process, you are guaranteed complete transparency as to the results of the daily drawings.


When gaming on Loteria Dominican Online, LOTEDO, your transactions are guaranteed by the most secure controls and privacy available in the industry. We only transact with the most reputable and secure payment processors ensuring your privacy and complete controls for your account. Besides having the confidence and trust that your gaming activities are private, only you will have access to your account and in addition we will not publish names, photos or videos. Your privacy is completely guaranteed.

We invite you to register and enjoy this most exciting and wonderful product.


Good luck!

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